Business Startup

We support starting a business and applying for a visa in Japan.

We, Visa Japan Tokyo are specialists who aim to provide professional services to help you with setting up your business in Japan and visa procedures.

The most efficient way is using the program provided by Tokyo City and Aichi prefecture ,the correct name of which is “Program to increase foreign entrepreneurs”

We have started the package service for the program supported by the municipalities Tokyo city and Aichi prefecture.

The municipality issues the recommendation to the immigration bureau by checking your business plan and based on the possibility if of you clearing the conditions for a business manager visa after 6 months. If it is recognized that your business plan is realistic, they will provide the recommendation to the immigration bureau. You can apply for a business manager visa with the recommendation of the municiparilty The immigration bureau issues the business manager visa by simple screening.

We support all the processes included in the Programs.

1. The process and things you do

Applying for the program of Tokyo City and applying for the visa.

Send us the information below.
  1. Your resume
  2. Evidence of your funds
  3. Your specific business plan

The point of screening

  • The reality of your business plan
  • Your financial basis
  • Your experience

We shall apply for your visa with the recommendation of Tokyo City. When the certificate of eligibility is issued, we shall send it to you. A visa is provided at the Japanese embassy in your country.

2. Entering Japan and creating a company.

Applicants have 6months business manager visas. It means you have 6 months margin. You need to clear the condition of the ordinary business manager visa.
  1. Looking for your residence and office.
  2. Making a company
    1. Making articles of incorporation
    2. Authentication if it’s a K.K.
  3. Company Registration
  4. Notification to the tax office and social insurance office
  5. Receiving a license if needed: You can check what kind of license you need from the article “Business Permission” which I wrote.
  6. You can start your business
  7. Interview by the municipality: They shall check the progress of your application within 6 months.
  8. Applying for extension of your visa with trial balance, office rent agreement and registered record of company etc.

If you clear the conditions of a business manager visa, you can get a 1-year extension by applying.

3.Other service we can provide

    Accounting service

Accountancy is very important for any companies.
We Can provide accounting Service, which includes supporting to take out business loan.

Visa Japan Tokyo support setting up your business in Japan

Contact official partners!

To learn more about the Tokyo program and our service, please contact with our official partners in your region.

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