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Visa Japan Tokyo / 大江戸行政書士法人

Visa Japan Tokyo is operated by OH EDO Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Corporation, which is licensed by the law of Japan. Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialists don't stand at court, but are specialists of administrative and visa procedure. 


Phone: 81-3-6375-8032

 Mail: info@visajapan.tokyo


Shirai Bld. 3F  1-7-5 Hanakawado Taitoku Tokyo Japan  #111-0033
The direction from Asakusa Station.


Toshiharu Mita (Korean, Chinese, English)

He has studied in China and Korea and has many years of experience working for a major bank. He is also a specialist in making business plans for loans, subsidies and applications for business manager visas. 

Miyuki Jaksuwan Yamaji  (Thai, English)

Miyuki Jaksuwan Yamaji , a former staff member of the immigration bureau, also has a significant amount of experience providing legal support in Thailand. She is competent not only in business matters but also a broad range of international affairs (Thai and English)

ANH NGUYEN (Vietnam, Japanese, English)

Ahn Nguyen came to Japan in 2019 after graduating from university in Vietnam and joined us in 2021. She is also a programmer and has experience supporting technical intern trainees. 

Joe. C. S. Hosoi (Representative / Japanese, English)

Joe. C. S. Hosoi is a specialist in business startups in Japan and immigration law. He has already supported many foreigners from Asia, Africa, Europa and USA, helping them expand their business in Japan. His book,"同僚は外国人"(Your colleagues will be foreigners:2019), was a hot topic among the staff in the human resource department. 


Article 1-2(1) A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, at the request of others and for a fee, engages in the business of preparing documents to be submitted to a public agency (including electromagnetic records (records made in electronic form, magnetic form, or any other form that is impossible to perceive by the human senses, which are used in information processing by computers; the same shall apply hereinafter), if electromagnetic records are prepared in lieu of such documents; the same shall apply to this Article and the following Article) and other documents (including drawings based on on-the-spot examinations) relating to rights, duties or the certification of facts.

(2) A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist must not, notwithstanding the preparation of documents set forth in the preceding paragraph, conduct this business if restricted from doing so by any other Act.

Article 1-3A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist may, in addition to the business provided for in the preceding Article, conduct the business listed below at the request of others and for a fee; except for affairs that are restricted by any other Act:

(i) Act as a representative in carrying out acts to be conducted (excluding what falls under the legal services concerning legal cases provided for in Article 72 of the Attorney Act (Act No. 205 of 1949)) against the relevant public agency with regard to the submission procedures of documents that a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist is allowed to prepare pursuant to the provisions of the preceding Article, and the application procedures for statements of opinions such as application procedures for granting an opportunity for a hearing or explanation in relation to permission and authorization, etc. in relation to documents submitted to the relevant public agency (meaning the permission, etc., approval, etc. and acceptance of documents provided for in Article 2, item (iii) of the Certified Administrative Procedures Act (Act No. 88 of 1993));

(ii) Prepare, as a representative, contracts and other related documents that a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist is allowed to prepare pursuant to the provisions of the preceding Article; and,

(iii) Provide consultations for the preparation of documents that a Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist may prepare pursuant to the preceding article.