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The importance of bookkeeping for accounting

Accounting activities such as numerical information recording is very important for various stakeholders like investors, customers, banks, tax office, and government offices when granting licenses. Especially, banks always request the newest financial reports when making business loans. Additionally, these are also required when applying for business permits like liquor shops. In addition, when applying for a benefit or subsidy, they are also required. Needless to say, it's very important when extending visas.

Calucurator and Small Business accounting checklist.

Why we provide accounting services

Generally, bookkeeping for accounting is considered to be a tax law matter in Japan. So, why do we provide accounting services? Some tax lawyers provide filing tax return services at legal service prices. They file tax returns by inputting and gathering receipts automatically. They don't consider what kind of result the fiscal report brings. We have seen many cases in which visas have been rejected, or the liquor shop license has not been permitted. There was a case in which the capital was not included.

Necessary for loan

When making a loan, correct fiscal reports are especially important. Some years ago, it was difficult for foreigners to take out business loans. But recently, it tends to be easy. We have some corporate banks among our clients. They trust the financial reports we provide, which must be helpful for foreign companies when taking out business loans. Please check our articles about business loans.

 More information 

Accounting is recognized as our matter by the law of Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act. But the filing of tax returns is exclusively a tax lawyer matter. Therefore, we also have partnerships with some tax lawyers. We provide free accounting services for all applicants of the Tokyo city program until the first extension.

 Note: Reading Article 1-2(1)

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We provide proper accounting services for Business in Japan.

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 Note: Article 1-2(1)A

A Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist, at the request of others and for a fee, engages in the business of preparing documents to be submitted to a public agency (including electromagnetic records (records made in electronic form, magnetic form, or any other form that is impossible to perceive by the human senses, which are used in information processing by computers; the same shall apply hereinafter), if electromagnetic records are prepared in lieu of such documents; the same shall apply to this Article and the following Article) and other documents (including drawings based on on-the-spot examinations) relating to rights, duties or the certification of facts.

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