Website immportance

Almost all trading company owners in Japan, especially those of companies exporting to home countries, may feel that Japanese language websites are not so necessary. However, the importance of websites is now greater than ever before.

I have a handwritten image for the website. When starting a business in Japan from overseas and raising funds, a website is effective as a proof of business plan.

Banks check the actual condition of the business

Recently, banks have checked the purpose of transactions, due to suspicions of money laundering, financing of terrorism, or other criminal activity.
However, it's not so easy for banks to check the actual conditions of startup companies. One of the factors banks use for checking the actual condition of the company is the financial statement and business license. However, the startup company does not have any results, and it takes several months for them to obtain a business license.

Website shows business plan and company profile

Therefore, they tend to request a business plan and company information. Previously, brochures were requested. Now, websites are requested. In particular, there is an emphasis on the publicity of the website. So, we always recommend creating a website as soon as possible after setting up a company. It does not need to be so hard-core, but every factor and all future plans must be covered.

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