Tips for loan screening.

Recently, foreigners can apply for business loans.
I will give some tips for taking out business loans.

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Specific business plans with reality

Even if the business has already started, applicants need to make a new business at the time and explain that the loan can be repaid based on the forecast.

Accurate and timely accounting

If the first financial period has closed, accurate accounting books need to be made punctually. Good levels of sales are helpful for acquiring a loan.
But even if you have a small amount of red ink, you should not give up. Red ink is negative factor, but it isn’t fatal.

Punctual payment of each cost

In particular, public utility charges and tax must be paid punctually. Banks often request the receipts of utility cost and tax certificates as evidence. They judge if you can refund punctually based on them.
We have some alliance banks for clients to which we provide an accounting service.

Visa Japan Tokyo support setting up your business in Japan

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